Easiest way to get into crypto?

Pre-Orders with 10% off until June 14th

nimbleNODEs are small and clever devices equipped with wi-fi and bluetooth. You can enter to crypto-world without requiring any coding experience and you just have to do a few steps. It's for a good price of $89 during the pre-order period. These devices can be considered as secure hardware wallets as they are full nodes. The nimbleNODE device runs a pruned Bithereum blockchain what means that the stored blockchain data is less than 8GB, so it can be easily stored on an SD-card plugged in to the device.

How to earn Bithereum (BTH) without mining it?

The best thing in the nimbleNODE devices that they support Proof-of-Uptime rewards. You can easily make Bithereum and you get 20 BTH after every referred person who made successful payment for the node device.

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source: https://medium.com/bithereum-network/simplicity-meets-crypto-introducing-nimblenodes-for-bithereum-7c96f3798b61