How to use Bithereum CLI on Windows?

(command line wallet)

the CLI version

version tested: Bithereum 0.18.9 on Windows 10

Steps required: CLI installation

1. Start the daemon in Downloads -> BTH-windows64 -> bin -> bethd.exe
It will start an empty command window.

Congratulations! Your full node is up and running.

  • You can stop the node by closing the command window.
  • The CLI wallet doesn't work if the node is stopped.
  • The data directory is
  • The wallet.dat is your wallet file in the data directory.

2. Open Command Prompt
Please click here if you don't know how to do it!

3. In the Command Prompt, enter to the Bithereum directory what is mentioned in Step 1 above.
Please click here if you are not familiar with basic commands.

4. Please continue reading on the CLI commands page.