CLI commands

(the most important ones)

version tested: Bithereum 0.18.9 on Ubuntu 18.04

Please don't forget that you need a running daemon to use CLI commands!

beth-cli help
It returns all beth-cli commands.

beth-cli backupwallet bth-wallet-backup.dat
It returns a bth-wallet-backup.dat in the current folder. You can save it onto a USB stick to backup your wallet. You can also specify path where to save the wallet.

beth-cli getwalletinfo
It returns the balance, unconfirmed balance, immature balance of your wallet.

beth-cli listaddressgroupings
It returns your addresses (with balance if it's not 0) in your wallet.

beth-cli getnewaddress
It creates and returns your new address.

beth-cli sendtoaddress "{receiver_bithereum_address}" {amount}
For example:
beth-cli "BSNuQzEMZAXyW3Gneu6SNDHwvTTB4wndh9" 1
sends 1 BTH to BSNuQzEMZAXyW3Gneu6SNDHwvTTB4wndh9 and it returns the TxID
beth-cli sendtoaddress help returns you a detailed description about sendtoaddress command.

beth-cli getblockchaininfo
It returns the blocks and headers. If you see the same numbers then your node is synchronized.